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Web site redesign / makeovers are required for many reasons, and we are specialists in web site redesigns. Basically, the relentless advance of web technology offers new ways of doing things, and possibilities to do things that were not previously possible.

The evolution of your competitor’s web redesign and rebuild can steadily leave your web pages looking less and less attractive! The solution is to take a technological leap forward, and improve both the visitor experience and the ease of administration.

A website redesign & makeover offers!

  • Enlargements to primary areas that adds to the attractiveness of the site.
  • Enhancements that provide Search Engine-friendly URL’s, accurate page-specific meta-tags etc.
  • Transplants of incisive, interesting and compellingly readable content.
  • Liposuction on the bloated code to make it lean and fast.
  • A face-lift that ensures your site reflects your business image – progressive, modern, upmarket.
  • Surgically remove the saggy, baggy content and accumulated HTML wrinkles.

Our Goals

The goal is to not only have a website that looks better, but one that works better for both visitors and search engines.In this way, we achieve the dual goals :

  • Attracting new business from qualified traffic.
  • Preserving existing client traffic.
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